What about the rest of us?

<p>Everyone talks about Investment Banking, MBA's, Fortune 500 companies... What are the prospects for someone who majors in Econ or Business at a state school? (Ex. Rutgers or Penn State) Are there good options on the job market fresh out of undergraduate studies with a bachelors degree?</p>

<p>Rofl you silly person, theres a huge gamma of job prospects for such graduates. One area I would advise is working at a large TNC such as P&G or General Electric or etc. You might get to travel quite a lot depending on your area. You could be relocated at another country with expenses paid for. In HS I had a friend whose father was VP Finance for British Petroleum in Argentina and the company paid for his penthouse apartment in an elite area and our expensive private school. Plus a $150k salary.</p>

<p>That helped to lift my spirits :)
I guess I just get discouraged sometimes, feeling like an Econ major at a big state school will lead to unenployment... I'm terrified of heading into the real world... you know, parents always put a roof over my head.</p>

<p>Every business school will have a very detailed placemment report. Many are online. Look around</p>