What Activities should i put into Extra Curricular Activities?

I know about the usual stuff, like clubs, sports, and those, but what if I have other Activities that I involved myself more in.

For example: Poker League, reseller of limited edition footwear (i have a website), co-owning a clothing company, making music/rapping/mixing music, skateboarding

do those even count or should i even bother including them?

<p>All the things you listed can count as ECs, but when you decide what to put on your app, consider only those you are really involved in. If co-owning company means you are actually involved in running it (as opposed to just having your name on the title), by all means include it. It is much more important and interesting, then being a member of french club for a year.</p>

<p>well you don't have THAT much room on your application. MIT limits your EC's to 5 of your most important (i know you're not necessarily applying there but it's just an example).</p>

<p>I would count them as EC's, and if there's not enough room, just put the ones where you feel strongly about, more commitment, etc</p>