What all do you guys like about Denison?

As this sub has slowed down and theres basically nothing about Denison on r/applyingtocollege and r/denison, might as well talk about Denison here. So what’re your guys favorite things about Denison?

Since not a lot of recent students post here, as a parent, if it’s not too annoying, let me offer some.

Adam Weinberg – there are not a lot of schools where the President is a bit of a rock star on campus, but Adam is. Partly because he attends student music, theater, athletic events whenever he can, and he talks with everyone while he is out and about. Also, his strategic vision continues to transform the community in all kinds of good ways.

Faculty – my kid has had amazing professors who are wonderful teachers and very engaged in student’s lives. They have been accommodating when he got sick around deadlines and written numerous recommendations for jobs and leadership positions. Adam Weinberg emphasizes the importance of mentorship in students’ lives, and my kid has certainly experienced that with his professors.

Granville – picture perfect village founded by Massachusetts settlers in the early 1800s so looks like a New England village. Has the basics for college students – Village Coffee, Broadway Pub, Whit’s custard, Steamroller Bagels, Taco Dan’s (dive bar), Granville Market (grocery store), a great Farmer’s Market, CVS pharmacy and assorted other shops, including pizza and Asian food. Granville is 25-30 minutes from Columbus which expands student horizons to include Short North neighborhood, Easton Mall for high end shopping and food, and easy access to airport. Heath/Newark are 10 min away for Target, Chipotle etc.

The Hill: Campus is beautiful. Deer are everywhere.

top notch facilities: Mitchell Athletic Center, Bryant Arts Center, the new Eisner Performing Arts Center (opening soon).

Sorry, here’s another.

Class size: Intro level classes are generally capped at 25 or 28 students, intermediate classes are usually capped at 18, 20 or 24, and seminars may be capped at 16. My kid has never had a class larger than 28 students and many are much smaller, including classes of 12-16 students in his major.

I thougth it was beautiful the people genuine and while it was the worst tour we had “girl was not enthused” the campus was nice and easy on the eyes. The inerviewer was awesome and they had a great time as far as interviews go.

Granville was cute and being close to Columbus is a perk.

My daughter is a freshman and loves Denison and thinks her experience even exceeds her prior expectations (which were high). She says the students are inclusive, curious and welcoming. She has had dynamic professors with lots of discussion, as well as lots of time for one on one moments with them. She loves the socioeconomic, political and geographical diversity as well. She had some “higher-ranked” (US News Report) options but chose Denison over them because of the welcoming vibe of the campus. She couldn’t be happier!