What am I going to do...PLEASE HELP ME

<p>CUMULATIVE GPA: 3.94/4.4</p>

<p>Will ONE C in standard Geometry (10th) KILL me? I also have one B in Honors Chemistry for the 1st semester. The rest are all high A's. I have all 5's on my AP Exams except for Bio (3) and AP Calc (3 also, self study)...the rest (I'll have 7 by graduation) are to be determined.</p>

<p>I have a 32 ACT: M 31, R 34, English 35, Science 30. I will not take the SAT.
I also have awesome/unique EC's and GREAT recs (from National Geographic!) ..My major will be in English Literature and I'll write a great essay, that's for sure.</p>

<p>Am I all right? Please someone just say yes or no! Thanksssss</p>

<p>With Princeton, it's hard to know (just like with any Ivy as I'm sure you know)! There are students with perfect grades and SAT scores who are not accepted, and on the other hand, there are students with low GPA and SAT scores who make it in! At Princeton they want to build a unique class with different perspectives and a unique mindset. If you can bring that to the table and show it somewhere (Common app essay, Supplemental essay, Just for fun questions, or the Interview), do it!</p>

<p>If your passions are clear and you have compelling essays, your grades shouldn't knock you out of the running.</p>

<p>I'm assuming you're a junior? I can't really tell...</p>

<p>Anyway, 3.94 is your UW and 4.4 is your W GPA? If so, your GPA is fine, so the one C in Standard Geometry shouldn't hurt you since you're not really even going into that field. I'm also confused as to why you would self-study AP Calc (only earning a 3, which is fine for most institutions, just not really Princeton), even though you seem to have difficulty with math. </p>

<p>Also, providing us with more information like how many honors/AP classes your school offers and how many you take would be helpful. Do you take 1 or 2 each yearm or do you max out your schedule taking as many challenging courses as possible? Did you skip ahead in your school's foreign language or history track? What is the highest amount of APs taken by someone in your grade/what is the average number of APs taken by an "overachiever" (or someone who is high up in your class)?</p>

<p>Testing wise, you need to take two SAT IIs. Your ACT is also on the low side, as I assume you are not a developmental case. (Legacy, athlete, underrepresented minority, celebrity child, faculty brat, etc.) It's around 40th percentile for Princeton which doesn't seem too low at the beginning, but really falls down once you start taking away all the applicants with similar test scores who get in on account of hooks. I'm really not one to nag about testing, especially now that I'm done with the process and truly see the value in personal/extracurricular accomplishments over objective scores, but you really want to clear the 2200/33 range at the minimum to not have testing be a concern on your application.</p>

<p>Keep it up with your extracurricular pursuits, you seem to be very interested in unique things and definitely make sure you express your passions! Good luck.</p>

<p>You're not out of the running....write good essays and show passion...and your chances will be strong.</p>

<p>Oh please stress less. And how can we help you? It's not like we can tell how someone will decide these things. </p>

<p>Please do not "shout" these things! It's so annoying. There is NO guarantee that, even if you had ALL As and all 800s and all 5s, that they'd accept you.</p>