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<p>I'm an aspiring 19 year old male actor, and I've never quite grabbed the concept of what to wear to an audition. What kind of clothes? I always feel like the clothes I wear are too dressy? What stores do you recommend shopping at? Aren't khakis too over dressy? What type of clothes do you recommend wearing? Aren't Jeans unacceptable? I know a plain T with no logo and a color that works best with my skin, is a good start, but I'm still unsure about what type of bottoms and shoes to wear. :( I want to refrain from jeans because I heard it's bad? and dress shoes too...help? I need the stores to be affordable too! Like Gap, Old Navy, Urban outfitters...idk, just help! Thanks! :)</p>

<p>I was in a Theatre Magnet, and we just wore blacks for every audition, but now that i've graduated, idk if wearing all black to a commercial, film, or tv show audition is acceptable ...I'm mainly auditing for commercial, film, and tv auditions.</p>

<p>aren't stripes and plaid colors too much of a distraction?</p>