What ap classes do you like the most?

<p>Say why you like it? and the difficulty of class on a scale of (1-5)</p>

<p>I really like ap gov, but that might just be because of the teacher, and that i like us government. i didn't take the ap test, and i guess not many people did well, because the teacher taught for application/knowledge rather than for the test. if that makes sense.</p>

<p>I also like ap calc ab (taking right now) despite it's difficulty; i've always been a math person though, and it's starting to make sense. </p>

<p>i don't think i can give a proper difficulty scaling for either of these because the teachers aren't necessarily the best at preparing for testing...</p>

<p>I love AP Chem and since I want to major in science, it's a great course for me to take. My teacher said that all other sciences are based on something you will learn in AP chem. I'd give it a 4 on the scale, but it's a good course. It's worth it. </p>

<p>I'm not sure what you plan to major in, but if you have any ideas, then try to take some AP courses that sound interesting to you or that will prepare you for your career in the future. If you choose things you enjoy, then the difficulty won't be as much of an issue because you won't dread studying as much if you actually like the material. Good luck!</p>

<p>I like AP Chem. Difficult Scale: 1/5. It comes almost naturally to me :p</p>

<p>I loved AP Environmental Science, and as a general rule I hate science. It's alot of work but the material isn't difficult.</p>

3/5 I guess. It was challenging, but not my hardest.</p>

<p>I loved AP bio. We dissected sharks, did DNA sequencing on random foods, and accidentally drowned all our flies our ecology lab. Best science class ever. :D Though it was probably because our bio teacher knew a TON of scientists/professors in our area and convinced them to loan equipment to us so our class could do all the awesome experiments.</p>

<p>AP Cal AB- easy to do, but the teacher makes it challenging. I love the people in my class, as well, and the teach loves me. Hehehe</p>


<p>Love AP Calc! Math just makes sense...and I cant believe we get AP credit for it.</p>

<p>And I absolutely loathe AP Bio...sorry to y'all Bio lovers. My Bio teacher is excellent though. It's just...the textbook. It's horribly long and dry and boring. Reading one chapter uses up all my willpower.</p>

<p>I LOVE AP Art History and AP Psychology! :D So interesting and fun!</p>

<p>I HATE AP CHEMISTRY D:< grrrrr. Haha.</p>

<p>likes ap stats/ ap calc</p>

<p>AP English Language :) I love reading deeper into the text and analyzing the true meaning behind the essays written by the most respected authors ever known</p>

<p>AP Psychology- really interesting class and I love learning about the inner mechanisms of our minds and behaviors and my teacher is amazing she makes the class fun =) </p>

<p>Difficulty 1/5</p>

<p>AP Stat, just cause it's one of the easier classes I've taken since I get math.
Let me go ahead and also say that I complete HATE AP Psych. Dear God, why didn't I switch out of it when I had the opportunity :(</p>

<p>I've loved the only three APs I've taken: US History, and English Lit and Lang. So far above the regular classes (mostly because of the people in them, admittedly).</p>