What AP Tests are most likely to cover general ed requirements at colleges?

I’m looking to save tuition money, but as a Junior I don’t know what college I will be attending. Which tests do most colleges do recognize and give credit towards general ed requirements? I know some colleges do not offer any AP credit at all, but I’m talking about the ones that do.

I’m looking to major in Biology, so I’m definitely taking AP Bio, Chem and Calc BC. These classes seem to be recognized by most colleges. But would taking Psych or Environmental Science be worth it? Is there a good enough chance that I will get credit for taking these tests?

You already seem to have your major classes in focus at the moment, that’s good.

I would advise taking AP classes that have little to do with your major, so you can knock those related GE’s out of the way. For example, I took APUSH and AP Gov, even though they had nothing to do with my major, simply because if I passed both tests, I could entirely skip the social science area of my GE’s, along with any United States history requirement. Saved me quite some time and units.