What AP to choose?

<p>I'm a junior and only taking 2 APs - my school offers more but they have a stupid rule that you cant double up in any one subject (preventing me from taking bio and chem) or apush and macroecon or stat and precalc. What should i do?</p>

<p>Heres what i am choosing among
Stat AP - take online course, study off of barrons
Bio AP - study textbook and prep book
Macroecon - study textbook and prep book + online course
take an organic chem course</p>

<p>i'm in all of those classes currently and i think it would be easiest to self study macroeconomics.</p>

<p>lemme add this criterion too
what looks the best?
do colleges look highly upon bio AP as compared to econ?</p>

<p>Bio probably looks the best...esp. if you get a good score. I'm taking AP Stats right now...and it is really easy, something that you could def. self-study. Good luck!</p>

<p>APs look nice period.</p>

<p>I'm in AP Biology right now. If you really want to take it at your school, then just keep pushing until the administrators say yes. I learned that trick the hard way.</p>

<p>I can tell you that Macroeconomics is fairly easy to study. Get Mankiw's book.</p>

<p>I took Macroeconomics sophomore year - found the AP exam fairly easy. I recommend the Barron's book, actually, for self study, since it goes into more detail with the lessons.</p>

<p>You can learn statistics in a month no lie</p>

<p>would bioAP or organic chem look better if im applying to 7/8 year combined med programs?</p>

<p>I think organic chem, it's supposed to be one of the hardest, if not already, subjects; you must be pretty smart to take that in your junior year..Which science are you taking right now (is it chem) and bio is the one you can't double up? Or is it that other way around?</p>

<p>if you know what major you are going into, research that and find out the undergrad requirement courses. i think its best to take the AP tests that really count if you are limited. but hey, if you had no limits (and the unlimited will to do study that much) take em all.</p>

<p>I am takin chem AP
for biochemistry or premed ill need organic chem - but i still havnt narrowed down my college list (which currently stands @ 25). So I know some of them do and some of them dont accept community college courses for credit.
and i seem to be okay @ organic chem rite now - its pretty cool stuff
our chem teacher is weird and teaches it even though its not required (barely) for the AP test. We're doing two weeks of it, which is supposedly more than he did (my teacher) @ ASU a couple years ago in his freshman and soph years.</p>