What apps/features to have on TI 84 for the ACT?

<p>I had a TI 84 Plus Silver Edition during the school year and unfortunately lost in during the last month of school. I'm retaking the ACT this Fall.</p>

<p>Two questions: </p>

<p>Do I need a TI 84 Plus Silver or would a TI 84 Plus be fine?</p>

<p>What Apps or important features should I get on my new calculator. I know our math teacher this past school year gave us numerous apps throughout the year that my calculator did not originally have. I can't remember if I actually used any on the ACT but I felt they were nice to have. Anyways what are the must have features to get on my TI calculator that can help me for the ACT? Are there any for sure questions I can expect where a certain App that I can download would help me easily do the work? I don't want to miss out on any shortcuts and not have my calculator fully ready for the test!</p>

<p>Any help? :(</p>

<p>You could always go and call the ACT people or you could ask your teacher or friends.:)</p>

<p>bump...still looking for an answer. im sure you guys have some key features/apps on your TIs</p>