What APs should I self study

<p>Hello. I am a junior currently enrolled in the following APs</p>

<p>-AP chem
-AP Calc BC
-AP Physics B
-AP Macroecon (1 semester online, all done, finished 1.5 months early)
-AP Microecon ( Next semester online)
-AP US Gov + Pol (Next Semester online)</p>

<p>I am currently working on testing out of the second semester of my english class in order to take an AP (microecon). I am considering also taking AP psych online (1 semester) on my own time (probably wouldn't eat up much of my time because I would have 2 hours a day at school to work on the 3 APs). I am looking for one, maybe two APs that I can self study relatively easily. I am currently thinking APES and APHG. I would like to go for a National AP scholar award and I haven't taken any APs before this year so I need to take at least 8 exams this year. I was also wondering if I could take Calc BC and then take AB on the late test day and have that 1 class sort of double count.</p>

<p>Haven’t taken Environmental Science or Human Geography, but I’m pretty sure Human Geography is the easiest of all the AP Tests. If you just need any one AP Exam to self-study for, do APHG.</p>

<p>If you haven’t already, check the AP credit policy at colleges you’re interested in applying to, especially for tests that aren’t in the hard sciences or calculus (you can usually get credit for those). Some will count for electives, some for actual courses, some can replace required classes, and some won’t count for anything (some colleges, like Caltech, don’t accept any AP credit), so try to take exams that could count later in college.</p>

<p>Also, I wouldn’t recommend taking the AB test because it’s kind of pointless (you get an AB subscore on the BC test).</p>

<p>I’m also considering AP bio, any thoughts?</p>

<p>Have you had bio as a class before? If so, maybe it could work. But there’s still a lot of processes to understand and annoying little things to memorize. Plus only 5% of people got a 5 on the exam last year. If you haven’t had bio before, I wouldn’t self-study AP bio unless you can dedicate a ton of quality time every week reading through Campbell’s or another excellent textbook and Barron’s/Cliffnotes. </p>

<p>And no, Collegeboard doesn’t allow people to take both the AB and BC tests in the same year. I’d stick with AP HuG and Enviro because those are generally regarded as the easiest to self-study. (Have you considered Stats?) Good luck!</p>

<p>I had a bio class freshman year. I found it extraordinarily easy. Isn’t the new bio test less about memorization and more about applying concepts and understanding, kind of like ACT science. So could I read through a prep book once or twice, make sure I understand the difficult concepts (what I’m good at) and then get a 4 or a 5 on the test?</p>

<p>I am planning on taking AP stats next year, If I take all of these tests then I’m running out of classes to take.</p>

<p>You’re gonna have to read it more than just once or twice. People at my school described it as ACT science on steroids (several questions were literally an entire page long) and yes, it does emphasize application more than memorization now, but you can’t just go off knowledge from a freshman class to do well on the AP exam. Unless you’re like at prep school (and you found a class there easy?? Dang!). For prep books, I’ve heard Cliffnotes and Barron’s were the best.</p>

<p>And lol I totally understand with regards to wanting to have some options left for the following year(s) haha, that’s another reason why I’m glad my school has IB! Best of luck in your AP endeavors :)</p>

<p>I took the new Bio exam last year, and I totally agree with Trecriture. It’s like the ACT on steroids. It’s a lot based on the labs as well, so I think that’s a little harder to self-study for. You’d definitely need to get Campbell’s and at least look through that if you want a shot at a 5. (I got a 5, in case you wanted to know.) I also totally recommend the new Barron’s and 5 steps if you do decide to take that on.</p>

<p>AP Human was a pretty easy one. I also took that one last year, and didn’t really bother studying much for it. I think you’ll honestly be fine if you at least get 5 steps. I used 5 steps along with the curriculum (the textbook was really short, so you could read that easily in a weekend). I would go for that one if you’re self-studying.</p>

<p>Good luck! <3</p>

<p>Alright. Thank you for the responses. I think that I will just focus on finishing out this semester and then I will decide what I want to do.</p>