it might sound dumb.

<li>is 1st place in a film competition(national level) considered as academic honors??</li>
<li>is thespian award(district level musical competition/festival) considered as “academic” honors??</li>
<li>i am applying engineering schools, and need to fill out short question(describe your academic honors) in common app. and… as a student without much awards, i dont know what i should write about…
What would be appropriate; #1, #2, or a county-wide engineering contest(but only 4th place) ???</li>

i dont know… what they see as academic honors, and whether write something about engineering-related honors would be beneficial…
advices would be helpful :slight_smile:

<p>First two are NOT academic honors. Academic honors things like getting a Book Award (Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth etc); National Latin Exam Award; various math awards; Honor Societies --- all those things that are awarded for academic subjects - Language and Literature, Hstory, social sciences, math, science.</p>

<p>Prizes sometimes can be added to the list but not usually - academic awards are more given by the school or national societies.</p>