What are appropriate "medical" ECs for BS MD?


I am a rising senior who is really interested in BS MD programs such as PLME, HPME, GAP, and REMS.
I am quite confident in academic achievement part of my application but I am not sure how ‘medical’ my ECs should be to be considered as a good BS MD applicant. So here are my list of ECs:

  1. Created HOSA at school and made a service project state wide (might write about it in my bs md essays)
  2. Hospital Volunteer (about 50 hours a year during school year)
  3. I am doing a medical research on a liver disease and will be publishing it (also hopefully an award at siemens/intel)
  4. I am not sure what the definition of "shadowing" is but I did have several opportunities to see what medical researchers do and observed few surgeries and stuffs...

Thank you and give me some advice!

Also this isn’t really related but when colleges say combined ACT sections scores of English+Math > 33, does that mean the reading section or the grammar (writing) section or both? Thank you!

Bump thank you!

You have the right idea but it may benefit you to find an additional doctor shadowing opportunity at an outpatient clinic or in the hospital (shadowing a researcher doesn’t really count). This is important because it lets med schools know that you have done your research on what it means to be a doctor.

@dblazer Ok. I will try to find some opportunities during summer so I could start on that as soon as possible when I get back to school in August. Thank you! Would mentioning stuffs about research and club activity in my essays be appropriate? (I am definitely mentioning the impression I had during the hospital volunteering)

If it’s relevant to the question (like why you want to be a doctor etc.) it’s perfectly appropriate to mention that stuff in an essay.

Do you have to be minimum 16 years of age to shadow ? Or younger kids can