what are ED admissions stats for SEAS?

<p>I'm interested in chemical or biomedical engineering.</p>

<p>For SEAS, 42% of the Class of 2012 were admitted ED. As far as I know, there aren't any breakdown statistics by major.</p>

<p>Class</a> of 2012 Arrives | Columbia College Today</p>

<p>umm well from the ED stats, they take like 1/3 of the ppl...
im pretty sure its even with guys/girls
so maybe if ur a girl u mite have a better chance of getting in if there are less girl applicants and ur qualified...like i kno a bunch of girls who applied to SEAS just cuz its "easier" to get into but they have no qualifications for engienering...like no calc, no challenging science classes.</p>

<p>^well..i meant like, what are the chances, rather than the makeup of the whole student body. sorry for being unclear ><</p>

<p>I'm taking calc bc and ap chem next year; currently i'm taking ap physics b and bio. </p>

<p>but i'm also interested in the humanities..its not all math/sci for me. i love english and history too.</p>