what are "EXCELLENT/AMAZING/GREAT" recs like?

<p>what are "EXCELLENT/AMAZING/GREAT" recs like? </p>


<p>On CC, when people ask for chances, they would usually say that they have "EXCELLENT/AMAZING/GREAT" recs. I was wondering what they are actually like. Do they mean the teachers checked off the "one of the best in career" or "oustanding" parts? And very detailed, long, etc. letter?</p>

<p>Mine are
1)all excellent (check box)/very detailed and long essay about me (talks about my background too and how she's impressed with me overcoming lang difficulties etc)</p>

<p>2)all outstanding (check box)/very generic and short essay about me (like enthusiastic, hardworking.</p>

<p>add. info=both AP teachers, but the second one has more experience and years than the first. </p>

<p>I gotta choose ONE teacher rec for NYU. And, I can't decide which ones to send because one checked off so-so part and wrote a pretty good letter, while the other checked off the good part and wrote a so-so letter. I heard that letter counts more than the check box, so should I send in the first one?</p>


<p>yea i had a pretty good rec i guess, i mean, she wrote a whole bunch, but she didn't check off all the best boxes. she never said "top 10% of career." and she check the second best once i think, if that. i mean, i think they like reading the letter better. i got in, so i think it helped sending a better letter than silly check boxes. definitely choose the better letter, especially if it talks about your background because it's not generic and it might show off good parts of your personality. good luck!</p>

<p>choose the better letter.</p>

<p>why dont u submit both? haha</p>

<p>i know people who submitted up to three recs and got accepted. </p>

<p>u can ask ur friends/parents and see which one they like better.</p>