What are FDU students like?

<p>Is this a suitcase school? A heavy drinking school? How is the business program?

<p>Well the Metropolitan Campus is mostly a commuter school,40% live on campus, and College at Florham,where I go, is just the opposite,90% live on campus. I would say the students kinda make this school awesome. FDU students are cool but a few things to keep in mind if you are coming to this school is make sure you have a LARGE financial aid package as this is pretty much every students lifeline to attend this school. And stay on top of things with the financial aid office. Best programs are Business and Education. Best thing about going here is everyone wants to help you and professors will gladly help you should you ask....FDU doesn't have the greatest reputation but dont let that stop you as some of their programs are top notch.....GOOD LUCK!</p>