What are freshmen dorms like at UNC?

<p>I have been to dorms at UNC...and mostly the people were juniors and seniors.(as the ppl i visited were serniors and juniors)
But is the freshmen dorms the same or how is it?</p>

<p>Take a look at this link, and you can see examples of different dorms in the different communities:
Housing</a> & Residential Education: Our Communities</p>

<p>By the way, vickpick, I pulled this quote from your post on the other thread:</p>

She doesn't want herself to get alone when she gets home from work.


<p>I've got a great solution for her-- a happy, healthy, sweet golden retriever! They love it when their people come home from work. :) Seriously.</p>

<p>what are Resident Advisors: 3</p>

<p>I think that just means that's the number of resident advisors in place for that particular dorm (wherever you read that).</p>

<p>o... janieblue thats a nice idea...i will suggest her about that. i love golden retrievers too....just never thought of getting one.
lets see if it works out.</p>

<p>all dorm areas basically have the same stats...but they dont say if 3 room one has a seperate bathroom..</p>

<p>Hinton</a> James QuickTime VR
i would love^^^that room..but i think they probably won't have any single rooms vacant</p>

<p>When and if you do, check out the golden retriever rescue groups in your area. Here's the site for one in Charlotte:
Golden</a> Retriever Rescue Club of Charlotte</p>

<p>Once she gets one of these little sweeties, she'll probably forget all about you. ;) They're golden, for sure.</p>

<p>O wow...thanks for the link...
looks really good...i just imagine a dog in my house and feel really good...yea ..that'll definitely keep mom active and accompanied. :)</p>

<p>I don't know how easy it is to get a single room as a freshman, and really, I don't think you'd want that. I just think doing so might make it tougher to meet people. </p>

<p>Most (many) of the dorms have been renovated, so they're all pretty nice.</p>

<p>o ok...yea... I am gonna be living in with a friend (not a best friend or anything of that sort) from HS...in a double room probably.
I think that would limit my reach to meet new people, but I still think its totally worth it.</p>

<p>There are no "freshmen dorms" at UNC. Most freshmen tend to live in the South Campus dorms (Ehringhaus/Craige/Hinton James) but freshmen do live all over campus.</p>

<p>o ok. i thought there would be..</p>

<p>Loud at times, fun at times, not fun at times (elevators breakdown & move in), and along way off, but.....at least you will get in shape. They are improving every year with a/c in most rooms in HJ now. Many HJ are now super singles (doubles as singles which are nice). That is my D's take.</p>

<p>yeah theres no AC in HJ, craige, Ehaus, or theres very few compared to morrison or one of the south or north dorms like craige north, morrison south, etc where they all have AC. so i mean it'll be really hot the first couple of weeks or month and towards the end of school but its fun, you'll meet a lot of people. also, they may all seem like the same, but HJ, craige, and ehaus are definitely a lot worse than morrison. its a little hard to explain so you'll have to visit and see for yourself!</p>

<p>do a lot of freshmanlive in carmichael/ enringhaus south(the south campus dorms with inner or sort of south campus with inner hallways?)</p>


<p>From my knowledge no. Carmichael is under renovation right now, and I am not even sure if they intend to have it open by fall. Eringhaus South has some freshman in it, but they are mostly those who get dorm priority (Moreheads, etc). There is always a chance that you will be put into one of these dorms, especially if you have some sort of medical condition that requires Central Air or other more modern amenities, but more than likely you will not be in one of the directionals and will instead be in Hinton James, Craige, Eringhaus, etc.</p>

<p>yeah its not necessarily a bad thing if you get put in the less appealing dorms like Ehaus or Craige. You meet a ton of freshmen and new friends that way. I got put in Morrison SOuth which is great bc theres AC but theres a lot more upperclassmen and athletes and the hallways are extremely quite, and so I didnt really get to meet any new people that way.</p>

<p>There will be basically no freshmen in Carmichael, I can basically promise you that. Nearly every sophomore I know put it down as their first choice for housing.</p>