What are her chances???

<p>SAT 1490/ PSAT 1540</p>

<h1>3 in class of 450...very competitive school</h1>

<p>SATII writing 800
History 780
Biology 700 my daughter has just sent in her Yale EA application. Her dream school!! Her stats:</p>

<p>She'll take more in December.<br>
She has taken 5 AP to date: English (5), Biology (5), Calculus (5), and Chemistry (4)
World History (5)
She is now taking 6 AP's and is carrying A's in all.</p>

<p>ECA: editor of school paper
elected office for youth leg.
Captain, cross country team, 4 year letterman
Gold award winner
Jr. Class pres
Youth orchestra
National merit semi-finalist
Recommend. for both Morehead (in state) and Jefferson (VA)
National honor society
Variety of school clubs...Spanish, girl’s social club,</p>

<p>I'm asking because we are not Ivy League people...meaning we aren't legacies and have no experience with these schools. If she get's in it'll be a momentous occasion for my immigrant family. Any thoughts would be helpful.

<p>I would say that her chances are very good- as much as anyone can say that when applying to Yale. Did she get good recommendations and write a strong essay? Those are also important.</p>

<p>I believe her recommendations are very good and I would have to say that without having read other people's essay's her essays are well written and from her heart. She wrote about the maturing process she's experienced by being editor in chief of her school paper and her experiences at the Conference on Natl affairs this past summer.</p>


<p>Your daughter will have as good a shot as any. The key is not allowing her to focus solely on Yale so that she is not disappointed should things not pan out for her. Last year's 8.8 percent (overall) acceptance rate left a lot of highly qualified kids feeling like failures when their was no reason for it. It is an enormous crapshoot and going into it accepting that the odds are clearly stacked against you makes the process a bit more manageable (at least it did for us) and if she can keep herself from fixating solely on Yale she will be far better off.</p>

<p>You mentioned the Morehead, has she made it to finalist stage? Last year my son was accepted SCEA to Yale (also his dream since 9th grade) but also won the Morehead and ultimately chose to accept it. In the case of most out of state winners (and many in-state winners as well), they are also turning down HYPS etc to accept. I have spoken to none with any regrets in doing so.</p>

<p>He is happier than I have ever known him to be, is having an incredible undergraduate experience and has definitely no regrets at turning down Yale. The Morehead staff is made up of truly caring people, the program is absolutely incredible and he says his friends are all amazing people. We can discuss this more at a later time in another forum or chat if you'd like.</p>

<p>she JUST submitted her app? the deadline was the 1st...</p>

<p>She turned in her app on time...one thing we don't need to worry about. Reading about the likely letters people seem to be receiving is very disstressing. Eadad: Thanks for your reply...good to know about the Morehead. Everyone I've spoken to regarding their experiences with the Morehead has said the same thing. Thanks for your input.
Right now, all my daughter can think about is Yale...her dream school from the beginning. We're holding our breath.</p>

<p>NC Rules, bjz, what school does ur daughter go to?</p>