what are honor societies?

<p>i'm a Canadian so i'm curious: what are they? many people here seem to have them. are they actual clubs, or are they honor rolls? i don't understand if they involve an actual time commitment on the student's part.</p>

<p>also, how common is it to take AP and honor courses? who takes them?</p>

<p>btw, what are UCs?</p>

<p>Honor societies (like National Honor society) are actual clubs with prerequisites (usually a certain gpa) to get in. It depends on the school, i think, whether the club involves time commitment. My school does tutoring and community service, for one.</p>

<p>UC's = university of california</p>

<p>Quickly off topic: What's it like to live in Canada?</p>

<p>heh heh, i think it's ok. i live in Toronto so i don't suppose my life is much different than yours (depending on where you live). some winter days it snows, some days it slushes, and some days there's freezing rain. the only polar bears i've seen are at the zoo :)
there's absolutely nothing wrong with Canadian schools either. but the problem is (as i see it) is that there's no challenge in getting into a Canadian university. they rely almost entirely on grades, and my grades are good enough to get in anywhere. in the ivies - that's an entirely different story, and it's quite possible i won't get into any of them. i want to be with the smart people! the uber-scary-smart people. i would like to think that i am one :) am i? maybe not.</p>

<p>I live in arizona.... its like 90 degrees in the winter</p>

<p>i would melt.</p>