What are Luckyday and FASTrack?

I don’t plan to rush; I want a smaller community; I’m in Honors & Provost and I’m trying to figure out where to live.

I have read the Luckyday / FASTrack websites but they are really generic and I can’t tell what they are. I suspect (not sure) that they’re sort of remedial, which isn’t for me, but maybe I’m wrong…?

Not remedial in the least. LuckyDay is restricted to instate students and required to live in the LD dorm for two years. They have their own community, and many receive LD scholarships. FASTrack is another learning community that helps college freshman get involved and gives them one on one mentoring. Good luck!


I just called the FASTrack coordinator, and apparently its “midrange”. You can’t be in FASTrack if you participate in the Honors College, and you can’t be in FASTrack if you’re in remedial programs. So that’s out.

I didn’t think you go be both Provost & Honors? I have both, but didn’t think you could accept both.