What are my Chances? Advice? Please Help.

<p>Hello! My name is Miranda Belch. I am 20 years old and just finding my way off a bumpy road. I recently started Community College after being declined 5 other times due to my age and the way financial aide works. I started off in summer semester 2011 at a Community College here in Lorain. I unfortunately had to withdraw from all but one class I had enrolled in due to not having transportation. So this semester I tried a different tactic and did online classes. I believe that online classes are a great opportunity, but just not for me. I am a very hands on and audio learner. I like to be involved in discussion and communication to me is a big key in learning something new. Now this semester I took 2 classes on campus, and 2 online. I feel like I knowingly set myself up for failure. I am just so afraid of losing my Financial Aide. The only reason I was approved for receiving it is because I had a voucher for being homeless. I am no longer homeless. I live in income housing, and if I lose my financial aid I will number one go into debt I simply cannot afford, and number two, lose my chances of college again. Where my problem lies is I feel like I deserve a good education from a "Real" college. I want to experience school itself. I didn't get to experience high school, and i know college isn't the same, but I feel like if I was given the chance to prove myself I worthy of that kind of education I would surprise many people. So back to the question.. What are my chances of getting into a good University with no money, no connections, and no experience on researching these kinds of things?</p>

<p>Take your name off the internet immediately.</p>

<p>Where do you live? I don't know what state Lorain is in. You may have to give up the idea of getting credit for the classes you've taken (and apparently done poorly in) and start from scratch.</p>

<p>CC is a good place to get advice- send more info after you edit your name out.</p>

<p>as for taking my name off.. im not sure i know how to do that. Lorain is in the state of Ohio. Idk what CC is either. im assuming it means community college. and i want to go to a university. i was thinking somewhere warm. like texas or nc. i did some research on willmington university. i just cant seem to find any resources on funding. i watched this clip one time. Its called "homeless to harvard". I want to allow myself to believe things like that can happen but something inside me always tells me its just so unrealistic.</p>

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