What are my chances and how can I get into Stanford?

<p>I've always hoped to go to Stanford some day for my premed degree,but I really need suggestions on how to get into Stanford.
So Far...In my Freshman Year
I've taken Honors English=A
Honors Geometry=A
Honors Biology=A
Spanish 1=A
Ethnic Studies=A-
Life Skills=A
Unweight GPA=4.0
Weighted GPA=4.5
I've received 3 Presidential Awards for Achievement in Education,On superintedent's honors roll.</p>

<p>I'm in top 5% of my class,but this year i'm aiming harder.</p>

<p>I've also voulnteered 100 hours at the local library helping the library out in shelfing and this summer helping young kids on reading.</p>

<p>This year when I enter Sophmore year
I'm taking AP World History,Honors English 2,Honors Algebra 2,Chemistry(since no AP available for sophmores),an extra period which is a class which is a college prepatory class,Spanish 2 to get into Honors Spanish 3.
Also,I'm running for president for 2 clubs by which is one Human Society Club and the other one I'm still deciding,but I definately know it's two.
Plus,I'm also voulnteering more at the library and will be tutoring kids.I just need to find more voulnteering activities this year.
Also,I want to star in the school drama plays.
Sports isn't my thing,so I'm trying to cover that area up by volunteering more and more.I really want to voultneer at the hospital but the age is 16,so not yet.
I'm also writing a series of novels to sell online to help my family out and try to start a charity organization which will help impoverished families and their debts and trying to get good photographs and edit them to sell on eBay and also trying to make more drawings and sell them too.Along,with donating tons of my old baby clothes.
This year I'm also taking the SAT and ACT and more AP Exams.
So,I was wondering so far is it good?And how can I do much better to get into Stanford for my premed and probably my med or any other ivy league school?Please suggest:)I can take critisim:)</p>

<p>Let me warn you first, that Stanford can quickly convince you medicine is not the way to go. I was a premed entering Stanford, and a lot of things convinced me out of it including dislike of Chemistry intro courses, seeing people make as much money (or more) in other professions, and just too many things people were doing solely for the purpose of medical school applications (classes, ECs, etc.). Stanford also does not have a premedical committee, just premed advisors who can meet with you. That said, if medicine really is for you, Stanford will definitely help you get where you want to go, whether that be academic medicine or healthcare professional.</p>

<p>Your grades are fine. Volunteering is fine. Class rigor is fine. Your breadth in ECs might be a little too wide. Try to focus on one area, I would say volunteering, and really get into it. You have a lot of time before college, so I would say putting a lot of time and effort into volunteering or one or two activities really shows in comparison to spreading out over 5 or 6 things. It's totally fine that sports isn't your thing. </p>

<p>The series of novels, starting a charity org, making photos, AND making drawings is starting to look like overkill. Admission committees know the difference between pandering to them and actually getting behind something you like doing. I understand you are volunteering a lot. But trying to do all the things above on an application might make it seem like you do too much which I think can hurt admission chances. Do one thing at a time, and go from there.</p>

<p>Here's my criticism: Don't base your life around trying to get into Stanford/Ivies. If you do, and then don't get in, it can be shattering, even when a person has no other problem then bad luck. Instead, aim for what you want to do (be a doctor from what I'm getting) and figure out how you can be the best at that. Great doctors aren't built from where they graduate from.</p>

<p>The last paragraph is perfect. So what if you dont get into HYPS etc pre med? What matters is you excel at an undergraduate level that will open up your doors at a graduate level</p>