What are my chances as a transfer who was academically disqualified from another school?

I originally attended UC Irvine but because of some serious personal issues, my grades plummeted. I didn’t seek the help I needed and was academically disqualified. Moved back home, started community college. The original plan was to just get my grades up and apply for readmission, but over time I changed my major and decided I didn’t want to go back. I’m now applying as an upper-division transfer at Humboldt State University for the Environmental Science and Management - Ecological Restoration major. I’m applying to other schools as well but this is my top choice. My overall GPA from all institutions is 2.96, and my cumulative GPA from my community college is 3.8 (I’ve attended my community college since Spring semester of 2020, during which time I’ve earned almost all A’s, and 2 B’s). Don’t know how important this is, but by the end of spring 2022 I will have completed all transferable/offered lower division classes required for this major.

I know admissions officers weigh more recent grades more heavily, which is a big point in my favor. But I’m still nervous that they’ll see that I’ve been academically disqualified on my application and throw it in the trash. I really want all the work I’ve put in the last couple years to raise my GPA to pay off. Do you think they’ll give me a chance?

Upper-Division Transfer | CSU says that you need to “be in good standing at the last college or university attended. In simple terms, “good standing” means you are eligible to re-enroll at your last college or university”. Assuming that your last college or university is the community college where you have a 3.8 GPA, it looks like you meet that requirement.

Impacted Undergraduate Majors and Campuses, 2021-22 | CSU says that Humboldt State University is not campus impacted, and the only impacted major there is the RN->BSN nursing program. So it looks like you should be admitted if you meet basic CSU eligibility requirements for upper division transfer students.


As long as you limit your applications to CSU’s and schools other than the UC’s, you should be fine. You cannot apply to any UC if you left UCI not in good standing.

Best of luck.