What are my chances at an ROTC scholarship?

So, I’m a rising senior in high school, and I just happen to be visiting Georgetown on Friday. The ROTC guy there calls me, and since I had already been considering ROTC I scheduled an interview. Am I competitive with these stats:

GPA: 3.82 UW, 4.34 W
Class rank: top 10% (63/712)
ACT: 31 Composite

Football: played from Freshman through Junior year. I was varsity sophomore and junior year, not playing senior year

Track: Varsity thrower from Freshman through Junior year, playing on competing senior year

Boy’s concil mentor- tutor disadvantaged 6th grade boys and teacher leadership

Link Leader- I help ease the transition of eight graders from middle to high school

Club officer: I am an officer in my school’s cultural club

Tutor- I helped start a tutor organization at my school

-National Latin Exam Silver Medal (Freshman Siphmore)

-National Latin Exam Gold Medal (Junior)

-National Security Language Initiative for Youth Scholarship winner- this state department scholarship will allow me to study Arabic in Morocco for 8 weeks this summer

Expect Intermediate Low-High proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic by the end of the summer. I will also have a basic understanding of the the Moroccan dialect, Darija

I am black (I dunno of if this affects anything)

I plan to Major in International Relations and Econmics in addition to an Arabic minor. My end goal is Diplomacy or Intel work.

You are probably competitive. The question is whether you are willing to make the post-graduate commitment to military service that is required.

Yeah I am. I going for Army ROTC at Gtown, and I want a job in Intel or diplomacy anyways, and the army is a good way to get there @intparent

Yes, I believe you would be highly competitve.