What are my chances at Barnard?

<p>Hey, So I am currently a Junior and this is my info:
GPA: 3.6
Weighted GPA: 4.0
PSATS ( i have not taken the sats yet):
Critical Reading: 640
Math: 570
Writing Skills: 550
(I know these are really bad, but I am studying a lot to hopefully get higher SAT scores.)</p>

<p>I am from Maine</p>

Freshman year: honors english, honors world studies, honors environmental sciences, latin one and algebra one
Sophomore year: honors english, honors early america, honors biology, latin two and honors geometry
Junior year: AP english, modern america, honors chemistry, AP latin and algebra two.
Senior year(classes I plan to take): AP english, AP government and politics, honors anatomy and physiology, AP latin year two and honors pre-calculus.</p>

<p>Key Club:
Positions: freshman year general member, sophomore year board member, junior year secretary and I will be running for president or vice president for my senior year.
Volunteered over 150 hours in two years to a non profit org. that provides school supplies to disadvantaged students and teacher
Volunteered over 50 hours in two years tutoring elementary school kids twice a week
Volunteered for the past two summers about 75 hours in total at an art camp for children
Volunteer during the school day, in study halls, with the special needs kids ( severely physically and mentally disabled ) with cooking, gym class and their class work. Over 60 hours in total.
In total around 400 hours, with other small volunteer things like food drives and leaf raking for the elderly.</p>

<p>National Honor Society:
Inducted for Junior and Senior year</p>

<p>Civil Rights Team:
Member since sophomore year
I have organized fundraisers like a school dance and talent show and for Holocaust, Darfur, and African drought survivors to speak at out school.</p>

I have heard that colleges value application essays. I plan to write about the struggles which my siblings and I have had with basically being abandoned by our parents. This is why I am very driven and passionate about volunteer work. I am very interested in the human rights program/major at Barnard and would like to go on to work for a nonprofit organization or one that helps others in need.</p>

<p>So I know my grades and PSAT scores are not the best but I have been studying a lot for the SAT’s and hope to improve my scores. Do I have any chance at getting into Barnard? Or have I ruined my chanced at this point? Also, since I will need a ton of financial aid will my average grades hurt my chances?
Thanks so much, I appreciate all feedback!</p>

<p>First, your grades will have nothing to do with any financial aid offered by Barnard. They are “need blind” for admission, so that means the admissions and financial aid departments are completely separate.</p>

<p>Second, I don’t do “chances”, and truthfully there is nobody here who can asses yours for admission. All you can do is apply after continuing to do your very best in the most challenging classes offered in your present school. The one thing I can assure you is that you will NOT be admitted if you do not apply. </p>

<p>Best to you!</p>