What are my chances at Bates admission?

<p>What do you think my chances are at Bates?
My test scores are low (terrible test taker) and my GPA is decent. However, I wrote some good admissions essays and got some good recommendations. I have a background in independent study of advanced topics (like Lie Algebra and Representation Theory). I started teaching myself calculus and Chaos Theory in 7th grade. I’ve been holding down a part-time job since early 2008. During 2007 my mom died of Breast Cancer, so that was one of the main reasons why my grades weren’t so great and why I didn’t really get into extra-curricular activities. I’ve taken two online courses and one math course at the University of Vermont. I’ve lived in Vermont my entire life. I had an interview with an alumni and I think that went very well. I’m a Senior and this year I’m taking:</p>

<p>AP Literature and Composition
AP Computer Science A
American Spirit (studies American culture and history from the 50s onward)
Film I - Criticism
AP Calculus AB (Online)</p>

<p>Junior year:</p>

<p>Latin I
AP US Government and Politics
AP Composition and Language
Algebra II-Accelerated
Personal Fitness
Intro to AP Calculus AB (Online)
Computer Animation II</p>

<p>I also took French II during my Freshmen year and two years of French in 7th and 8th grade (we had to take two years of French I for some reason). I took a “College Algebra” course at UVM during the summer of 2008. I got a 23 on my ACTs (low for Bates, I know. I’m a terrible test taker – I unfortunately have ADHD and that doesn’t contribute to my overall success in tests haha). I have a 3.0ish GPA. I haven’t done much in the extracurricular category unfortunately. I’m really not one for traditional varsity sports nor am I one for competitive clubs (like Math or Computer Science club). I love math and as I said during 7th grade I started getting interested in Differential Equations, Calculus, and Chaos Theory and read books on all of them. I’ve ventured into other various forms of advanced mathematics throughout the years. This year I just recently taught myself Lie Algebra and Representation Theory (I think this was included in my recommendation from my guidance counselor). I’d like to be a math major. One of my passions (other than math) is environmental computer animation (making virtual environments using programs like Vue). Also, outside of school I frequently participate in various different paintball tournaments. I’m a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo (I may have forgotten to mention this in my application…).</p>

<p>I know my GPA and test scores are low for Bates, but truthfully, what do you think my chances are at admission?</p>


<p>to be honest with you, we don't have any idea, but I think you present yourself great on this forum and if i was in charge on admissions, you would definetely be given a chance based on your history. It is always worth trying and doing your best so i wish you the best of luck!!!</p>

<p>Thank you! :)
I really hope I get in. We'll find soon I suppose. :)</p>

<p>(find out soon)***</p>