What are my chances at Caltech as an international ?

Hello guys.
I’m an international student (needing financial aid) applying to caltech,
My stats:

  1. SAT Math- 800
    SAT Physics-800
  2. ACT- 35
  3. Class rank- 1 out of 70 students. ( My hs is not huge).
  4. Took 6 APs with 5s in each.
  5. Member of the Junior Academy (run by the new york academy of sciences)
  6. Have 2 nationally registered patents.
  7. Made it to the 3rd round of the Google code jam.
  8. Winner of a national science award. (not a very major award, but still significant)
  9. Member of the boy scouts, won some awards for extraordinary work.
  10. Played the guitar.
  11. Did internship at google.
    12.Was the vice president of the maths club for 2 years.
  12. Can I also list the no. of project Euler problems I have solved ( 220)
  13. My video made it to the top 1 percent of the khan academy breakthrough junior challenge.
  14. Took EdX courses by Caltech.
  15. GPA- 3.9
  16. I have done some volunteer work too at a local animal shelter.
  17. Have made 5 apps.
    I know there is nothing very remarkable about my ecs, but I still want to know what are my chances at CalTech? And for instance if I do not make it, what other schools will you guys suggest based on my stats?

Out of curiosity, what’s your intended major (if you have one in mind)?

You have great stats which obviously put you in the mix at any school. But, as an international student seeking financial aid your odds of admission are lower than the overall admission rate.

CalTech is need-sensitive for internationals, meaning the applicant’s ability to pay influences the admission decision. Looking at the latest CDS, (http://finance.caltech.edu/documents/537-cds2019.pdf), there are 948 total students of which 29 internationals received financial aid (section H). Total international students are around 8-9% of a given class, and per B2 of the CDS there are 83 internationals at CalTech, of which 35% (29/83) received any finaid.

I would advise you to apply to schools within your country, as well as less selective US colleges–but most US colleges are need-aware/sensitive for international students, and most do not meet full need. I think only MIT, HYP and Amherst are need-blind for international students, but all those schools will be reaches as well, with international acceptance rates in low single digits.

Impressive credentials…no matter how you think you cannot get in…your college Essay should be powerful. Your credentials and achievements are up to the CalTechs alley!