What are my chances at Colgate?

ACT: 32
SAT II US History: 720
SAT II Lit: 740
Unweighted GPA: 3.43 (my school doesn’t have weighted GPAs, Honors, or APs)
Sex: Female
Race: White
Grades: B+/A- range
Potential Major: History and Art

Home: New York City
Private School

Junior Classes: Art History, Modern World History, Shakespeare, African Lit, Advanced Statistics, Biology, and Latin

Senior Classes: European History, Global Politics, Creative Writing, Historical Lit, Macroeconomics, Latin, and Advanced Art

Scholastic Gold Key winner for Art (painting)
Scholastic Gold Key winner for Art (drawing)

ECs: Newspaper cartoonist
Yearbook - President
Leadership Club - Vice President
Feminist Club
Community Service Club
Varsity Track
Varsity Lacrosse - defender, not many at my school

Volunteering: Working with children with autism
Work Experience: Internship at an art gallery, working at a investment advising company

gpa is a little low. if colgate is your first choice, go ed