What are my chances at Conn. College?

ACT: 32
SAT II US History: 720
SAT II Lit: 740
Private School, highly rigorous
Unweighted GPA: 3.43 (my school doesn’t have weighted GPAs, Honors, or APs)
Sex: Female
Race: White
Home: New York
Grades: B+/A- range

Junior Classes: Art History, Modern World History, Shakespeare, African Lit, Advanced Statistics, Biology, and Latin

Senior Classes: European History, Global Politics, Creative Writing, Historical Lit, Macroeconomics, Latin, and Advanced Art

Scholastic Gold Key winner for Art (painting)
Scholastic Gold Key winner for Art (drawing)
Scholastic Gold Key winner for Art (drawing)

ECs: Newspaper cartoonist
Yearbook - President
Leadership Club - Vice President
Feminist Club
Varsity Track
Varsity Lacrosse - defender, not many at my school

Volunteering: Working with children with autism
Work Experience: Internship at an art gallery

I think you have a decent shot. Your grades and rigor may count against you as well as lack of science/math while your art accomplishments and athletic involvement will help. It will probably if you apply ED – a lot of strong candidates apply to Conn at they like the ones who are genuinely interedted.

@bitmil17 I also think you have a decent shot. What is your intended major? Since you are strong in art, you may want to highlight that part. Would you submit an art portfolio? My S was accepted as a Fine Arts major but chose the state flagship because it offered a BFA. The arts department at Conn is very strong and the department head was very welcoming and willing to answer any questions. You may want to apply as an arts major since it may help with admissions. Has anyone from your high school been admitted? Do you have Naviance? What were the accepted students stats?