What are my chances at ED, and at merit aid?

Here are my stats


UW- ~3.48 ​

W-4.14(Upward trend 3.76 ->4.27->4.40) ​

Note only two years of language but I filled it with leveled business courses. ​

Taking AP Econ and Honors classes this year, started with mostly accelerated frosh year and added more and more honors ​


1350- 700 math 650 reading

Extra Curriculars:

4 years of Cross country, 2 years of skiing, 2 years of indoor track, 4 years outdoor track (Sport every season of high school) ​

I work as a waiter at a retirement home (sort of unique) ​

I write for the school newspaper(general stuff/ focus on music)(also got published in local newspaper) ​

Key Club ​

Went to business camp/ thing over the summer ​


I make hip hop beats in my free time and it is about that, I would say it is at least a pretty unique essay especially coming from a not very artsy person in myself. ​


These will be solid, had great relationships with the teachers and both of them were from when I moved from accelerated to honors (they are honors teachers) ​

Income/ethnicity stuff ​

White, 200k+ from infamous competitive suburban town