What are my chances at getting into a BS/MD program?

So I am currently a junior in high school, pretty set on going to medical school one day, and I am just wondering what my chances of getting into a BS/MD program are.

My stats so far:

GPA- 3.82 (UW), 5.02 (W)

AP Scores- APUSH (4), AP Stats (3)

Haven’t taken the ACT or SAT yet

Classes I am taking this year: AP Chemistry, AP Lang, AP Physics C E&M/Mech, AP Calc BC, Engineering, Orchestra, AP Psychology

Classes I am planning to take next year: Multivariable Calc, AP Lit, AP Bio, AP Physics 2, Anatomy and Physiology, Orchestra

My extracurriculars at the moment: HOSA member, dance team leader (13 years of dance), taekwondo (on staff and black belt in 1 1/2 years), 3 separate orchestras

In addition I am planning to shadow a few doctors when the pandemic comes to a close!

I’m looking at BS/MD Programs at Northwestern University, Boston University, Washington University, Case Western, Brown University, Penn State

Do I have a decent chance at getting in? I know it may be a little hard to tell because I haven’t taken my ACT or SAT yet.

All BS/MD programs should be considered reaches (they generally have single digit acceptance rates). Most students admitted to med school did not attend a BS/MD program.

Note that NU has discontinued their HPME program, primarily due to equity and diversity issues. Whether or not other schools discontinue BS/MD programs for the same reasons remains to be seen, but it would not be surprising, at all.


Continue to pursue ECs that you like, but make sure you get patient facing experience by volunteering in a hospital and/or becoming an assistant CNA or EMT (depending on age requirements in your state). Without patient facing experience, how could you be sure you want to become a physician?

There are some threads on CC focused on BS/MD programs, so be sure to check those out. Good luck.

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