What are my chances at getting into UNF?

<p>My scores are a bit low but I really want to get in
ACT: 19
EC: A good amount

<p>We review every student individually, but you will want to retest. Our average SAT (only Critical Reading and Math) is a 1210 for Fall and about a 1090 for Summer. Our average ACT for Fall is a 26 and for Summer is a 23. We do super-score, which means we will take your best subsection scores from all attempts and combine them. This means that you can’t hurt your chances by taking the exams multiple times. We encourage you to call an admissions counselor at (904)620-5555 and he or she will help you come up with a strategy for becoming admissible. </p>

<p>I didn’t realize that there were differences in the average scores for those accepted in the Fall and those accepted in the summer. Why is that? </p>