What are my chances at MIT/Harvard EA?

<p>Hey guys, please gimme some feedback on my chances at MIT/Harvard. Which one should I apply EA to?</p>

<p>I'm a Korean girl attending a pretty prestigious high school.</p>

Sat I: V:730 M: 800
Sat II: Math iic:800, Writing 720 (retook in october; pretty sure I did better; Chemistry 720 (will retake in november)</p>

<p>AP English Language & Composition:5
AP US History: 4
GPA: 4.0</p>

<p>this year's courses:
-AP english literature
-AP statistics
-AP chemistry
-AP BC calculus
-physics internship

-science club president
-editor-in-chief of math magazine
-starting member on the math "A" team
-science fiction editor of science-fiction magazine
-content editor of science magazine
-news editor of school newspaper
-MOdel UN
-youth group leader at church
-chamber orchestra: first violin
-full orchestra: first violin
-tae kwon do:pre-black belt
-varsity x-country, indoor/outdoor track
-volunteer at local hospital and city councilman's office (450+ hours)</p>

-finalist in citywide essay contest
-honorable mention in schoolwidescience fair
-accepted to Columbia's science honors program
-firstplace scholarship at summer school
-semifinalist ininterntional open poetry contest
-had poems published in two books
-finalist in citywide social research competition
-AIME participant
-national merit scholarship semifinalist</p>

-national forum on medicine
-internationl mathcamp</p>

-cashier at local deli


<p>bump? anyone please?</p>

<p>everyone applying to harvard and mit have those kind of stats, ecs. it all comes down to the recs and essays...</p>

<p>Nobu is right. Your profile is highly typical of average upper-end Harvard applicants. Good luck with recs and essays.</p>