What are my Chances at my college list?

Hello, I’m a rising junior and I would love to see where I stand and what I can do to improve my chances. All feedback is welcome! Thanks!

UW: 4.0
W: 4.0

Rank: 1/535

SAT I: 2060 (710CR/720M/630W)

This upcoming year I will be taking:
AP Lang
AP Calc AB

Senior Year I will be taking:
AP Bio
AP Psych

EC’s (some are this upcoming school year):

  • Student Body Vice President (11)
  • HOSA State Officer (11)
  • Marching Band Member (9,10,11)
    • Section Leader (11)
  • Interact Club Officer (11)
  • Junior Prom Chair (11)
  • Winter Ball Chair (11)
  • Symphony Orchestra Member (9, 10, 11)
  • String Ensemble Member (9, 10, 11)
  • Team Member of a nonprofit that provides a safe space for students in an struggling community.

Community Service:

  • Church Youth Band: 100 Hours
  • Special Olympics: 20 Hours
  • AYSO Soccer Buddy: 80 Hours
  • Hosted an event where dogs from service dog organizations came so high school students could come to relax and destress before finals. Plan on doing this every quarter

Hooks: URM
Ethnicity: Pacific Islander

College List:
Seattle U
UW Seattle
Boston College
Johns Hopkins
Notre Dame

And of course, the reaches -

Again, what can I do to improve my chances? Thanks!

Bring your writing SAT score up and take some subject tests. Also, because you are an incoming junior, the new SAT is what colleges will look at starting in 2016. Check to see if your SAT scores (old version) right now can be used when you apply to colleges in Fall 2016. Does your school offer more APs? If so, try adding in more. Your URM status will definitely help your chances. I also suggest that you look into applying to Cornell because Cornell only looks at your reading and math scores, which are very good btw. You seem like a good fit for Cornell, espcially if you’re interested in science.

Seattle U - Safety
UW Seattle - Low Match
Boston College - High Match
Northeastern - Match
Johns Hopkins - High Reach
Notre Dame - Reach

Seattle University: 95% / Safety
UW Seattle: 90% / Safety
Boston College: 35% / High Match
Northeastern: 35% / High Match
Johns Hopkins: 15% / Low Reach
Notre Dame: 20% / Low Reach

UPenn: 5%
Stanford: 1%
Harvard: 1%
Brown: 5%

What do you hope to study? Right now, your SAT score is on the lower side for the higher-tier schools you’re interested in. Many students with perfect scores are rejected from UPenn, Stanford, Harvard and Brown. As of now, your SAT score is not competitive with typically accepted applicants so it’s definitely an area you should focus on. I also recommend you get some SAT subject tests taken. Several schools require them.

Your stats are eerily similar to mine hahaha. I definitely think UW and Seattle are safeties. BC and Northeastern are high matches, and Johns Hopkins/Notre Dame are either high matches or low reaches. Without anything that pops out on the credentials, I think your chances for the 4 reach schools are miniscule. Sorry!