What are my chances at NYU-Stern and UPenn-Wharton?

<p>White male from Georgia</p>

<p>GPA: 3.97 uw/ 97 numeric average
SAT: 1510 (the old SAT)
SAT II's: I havnt recieved my scores yet.
(11 AP's) and ( 7 honors)</p>

<p>Activities: (I have leadership roles in all of them)
-400+ hours of community service
-student council/class council(10-11 and 12)
-Hockey (9-11 and 12)
-Yearbook (11-12)
-NHS(11-and 12)
-Habitat for Humanity(10-12)
-Citizens of the world(10-12)
-Beta Club (10-12)
-Future Business Leaders of America(10-12)
-Academic team and Debate team(10-12)
-Worked through out high school
-Internship at Foot Hill Capital
-Crew for 4 years (In the top 5 for state)</p>

<p>Check out this link this person has similar stats. :)</p>

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