What are my chances at Pomona?

<p>This is Pomona College, not Cal Poly Pomona</p>

<p>SAT (M 690, V 630)
SAT2 (Math IIC 780, Writing 740, US Hist 670)
GPA: 4.5 weighted, 4.0 unweighted (max on both)
Class rank: 1 of 599. (ranked 1 with 5 others)
Stockdale High School in Bakersfield, CA. Its supposedly the best high school in Kern County. It might help. At least we dont have the risk of failed accreditation.</p>

<p>I could list lots of ECs but ill just write the main ones.
Academic Decathlon: 5 individual medals, 2nd team county
Boys' State: 1st runner up. (1 of only 3 selected to interview for the position)
Oxford Academy: Its a college preparation class. We do literature study.
Guitar Club: Started the club with friends for 3 years. Club treasurer all three years.</p>

<p>The things i think I have going for me are: 1) early decision 2) I live in Cali so i could actually interview (East coast ppl need to stay on their side), 3) Not many people apply from Bakersfield. (its all Stanford for them).</p>

<p>I dont like to think SAT scores will prevent me from going there. They require the SAT II Writing only and i think i did well enough so hopefully that will help. Besides, a 1300 is usually sufficient for anywhere in Cali so those people who think they cant get in with 1590 need to stop complaining. SAT2 and state residency are more important for UCs anyway. That is not a lie.</p>

<p>O yea. </p>

<p>I also am a math tutor and played trumpet since 4th grade. I quit the latter but formed guitar club to stay in touch with music.</p>

<p>I'd say your chances are pretty good, that GPA of yours is excellent and should help to balance out that low SAT I, the average at Pomona is 1470. Not that Pomona is all about numbers, they do a good job at personalizing the admissions process. I'm also doing Early Decision and I'd say that we're in similar positions, except my grades are lower than yours but my test scores are significantley higher. If you haven't already interviewed you better do it soon as the deadline for ED is Nov. 15. If you can write some good essays you'll have a good shot. Don't get your hopes to high though, Pomona is rated 13th toughest to get into, so nobody is a shoe in. Good luck, I hope we both get in.</p>

<p>Was at Pamona for interview today. My son has been educated in France and his father lives in LA. We asked if it is advantage for his sister to go to high school in LA for year before applying. The answer is that it is harder to get in from California because they get so many California applicants and not as many from other places. SAT scores are so high at Pamona, high 1400s in the normal so maybe take SATs again!</p>

<p>" Besides, a 1300 is usually sufficient for anywhere in Cali so those people who think they cant get in with 1590 need to stop complaining. SAT2 and state residency are more important for UCs anyway."</p>

<p>thats cool and all but what does that have to do with Pomona admissions? also, accepted students average SAT was 1490. and they do require 3 SAT2s. the SAT writing is the only specific SAT2 that they require.
but as a fellow Pomona ED applicant, i wish you good luck.</p>

<p>We found Pomona to be more concerned about number (SATIs, SATIIs, GPA, class ranks, etc) and less about ECs, essays, recs, than any other private college we encountered in the entire country.</p>

<p>Well, i hope i can get into Pomona; i dont want to go to the other Claremont Colleges and transfer to Pomona. People that go to one of the Claremont Colleges take classes at the other schools so i bet lots of people do that anyway. But i would feel weird if i did that.</p>

<p>Since everyone in Bakersfield mistakes it for Cal Poly, i hope i can get in that way. I recently went there for my interview and the class of 2005 had only one person from Bakersfield. The majority came between Los Angeles and Texas, not sure why. I shouldnt count on this either, but you never know. Colleges seem to respect people in low socio-economic backgrounds. Bakersfield is still very rural and people still think its a backwater city. At least thats what my interviewer thought.</p>