what are my chances at sacred heart?!?!

<p>thinking bout nursing
*will be first generation
So here is my profile:
Race/Ethnicity: Asian (but born in america)
GPA(Unweighted): 2.45 (BUT I do a lot of work im a cashier at moms store I work 34 hours a week . every week of the year since freshman year over school year and 74 hours a week every week suring summer over the past 4 years)
Essay: Told by 6 teacher that its incredible
Rank: not sure but is positive that it is top half out of about 600 students
Critical Reading: 420
Math: 590
Writing: 440
(From Freshman to sophomore year my gpa has been rising every quarter)</p>

<p>Job/Work Experience:
works 2 hours a school day and 12 hours saturdays and sundays everyday at a convience store my mom owns
from my history teacher who use to be a guidance councelor and my english teacher who went to harvard.
im planning to retake the SAT soon.</p>