What are my chances at SDSU?

San diego state has been my dream school for 2 years and it’s my #1 choice :slight_smile: I’m currently a junior in high school
-CSU GPA: 3.68
-ACT: 28 (I’m retaking and hope to get a 30)
By the end of senior year I will have completed 3 APs and 1 honors class
Some people told me they consider race and other people told me they didn’t I don’t know. I’m African American.
-I live in CA but not local San Diego area (South OC) From what I’ve heard they give priority to locals, then international and OOS people because they bring in the most money, and last non local CA residents.
-I’m planning to major in Biology
***Last summer I took a nuerology/brain plasticity class @UCSD but CSU’s don’t count extracurriculars so I don’t think that will be helpful haha -_-
I know SDSU is a competitive CSU and while I want be optimistic I know there’s a good chance of me getting rejected. My classmate had a 4.1 gpa and a ACT score in the 30’s and got rejected by sdsu but accepted to UCSB and UCI.

Your EI is (3.68 X200) + (28x10)= 1016.
An EI of 1000+ can be competitive. You will be ranked by major and EI, so the higher the EI, the better.

Race/ethnicity are not considered, locals get priority and OOS/Internationals are at an advantage since they are Full pay. But OOS/Internationals still need to meet CSU requirements which can be challenging. Definitely apply but much will depend upon your competition as a Biology major. Apply widely and you will have several options come next Spring.

Something is up with your classmate’s story - or, they applied to the Nursing program. For most programs, it all really does come down to your Eligibility index - nothing else is considered
With a 1016, you should be all set. I’d still apply elsewhere though - because, you never know what next year’s threshold will be. Send an ap to Long Beach, Fullerton and depending on your other interests, maybe CPP and Chico.
UCR and UCM are also possibilities (maybe UCSC too). My point is - apply to lots of schools so you have several options.

Great job so far and good luck.

@Gumbymom I have a question, so i got admitted to sdsu for business management. But this semester i had to drop a humanities class and i reported i was going to take that class. Will they decline my admission? Because that is a general ed class. Which also means because of thay class i wont get my adt but i do not think i applied with an adt.

You would have to notify admissions about the dropped class since they will compare your transcript to your self reported courses. You can then also ask about the ADT. Call them as soon as possible.