What are my chances at these schools?

Gender: F
Race/ethnicity: Black and Latina
Hooks: URM and First-gen

Intended major: Poli-sci/econ

GPA: 3.85 (upwards trend, 3.6 freshman year to 3.95 junior and senior year)
Full IB diploma, 4HLs 3SLs
Test optional because all tests were canceled for 2020 in my state


  1. Intern for congressional campaign (12th)
  2. Founder of fundraising organization for students in Latin America (11th-12th)
  3. DECA member(11th-12th)
  4. YMCA Youth and Government (11th-12th)
  5. Varsity golf member (10th-12th)
  6. Member of volunteer trip- yearly fundraising and work in the summer (10th-12th)
  7. Family responsibilities- have to watch younger sibling after school, breaks, weekends, etc. Takes up most of my time (9th-current)
  8. Volunteer tutor- Tutor kids in the summer and member of my school’s tutoring program(9th-12th)
  9. (Paid jobs) After school babysitter (11th), Summer job as a secretary (9th-11th)
  10. Member of youth team for congress member (12th)
  11. (mentioned during interviews)Lobbying for bill in my state- weekly meetings and being in contact with state reps (12th)

Extra info
Extenuating circumstances- One of my parents and one of my grandparents passed away the summer before my freshman year.

Schools (Already got into safety and U of Richmond ea)
-Boston College
-Boston University

I’m just trying to be realistic about my decision in March and April. Thank you guys!

I think you have a good shot at a lot of the non-ives, some of the other ones can be hard to know, a lot of luck involved.

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Feel free to send me my results. Seriously, if you want to better explain your high school, courses and UW/Weighted, I will fine-tune.

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Yes it’s definitely hard to know about these things. Thank you!

Thank you! For more info I have a 4.4 w (I think, I had to self calculate), I took the hardest possible course load offered at my school (I took all the offered honors courses and I did full Ib plus an extra ib class and 4 HLs instead of 3). I also did research with a school advisor that connects to my perspective degree. And finally my school usually sends about 1-3 ib students each year to both Brown and Penn. Thanks again:)

Oh they usually send the same amount to Duke too.

I would modify slightly - I think there may be one admit in the last group of Duke + Ivies, and at least one among the WAITLISTs will be an ADMIT, but I also think that a couple of the group of Northeastern, BU, BC, USC, Tufts, and Colgate may be WAITLIST or DENY.

In any case, I am pretty certain that there will be at least 4 or 5 admits, aside from UW, American, and Fordham.

Bottom line, @Rory112Gilmore - you’ve done well.

I would recommend, though, that you save your mental and emotional energy for when you need to choose which college to attend. You’ve done all that you could for admissions, and now it’s time to move on to the next stage.

Good luck!

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You know you are my most respected college chancers on here.

Thanks!! Ditto!

Thank you! And I will definitely keep your advice in mind.

rory see you at yale hahaha

imo you have a good number of hooks and good stats too, you would have a shot at some unis in the T-20 fs but it’s all unpredictable after a certain point - essays, fit, the class dynamic

anyhow good luck!!

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