what are my chances at these selective schools

<p>4.16 Weighted Gpa</p>

<p>class semester 1/semester2</p>

Honors Alg 1 A A
Honors eng 1 A B
Honors Hist A A
French 1 A A
Honors Physical sci A A-</p>

Alg 2/geo A+ A+
Honors Eng 2 A A-
Hist A A+
French 2 A A-
Honors Bio A B+</p>

<p>8-10 EC's with 2 or 3 leadership roles
service hours averaging 28 per year with about 4 different groups</p>

<p>28 Plan test
201 Soph Psat
predicted 223 Junior psat
32 Act</p>


<p>boston college
boston university
George washington</p>

case western reserve</p>

<p>you're just a junior (as am I) so why ask so early? Also, that isn't really enough information to make a realistic guesstimate</p>