What are my Chances at top liberal Arts?

<p>Hey, I'm new here and I'm rather curious about my chances of getting into Williams or Amherst. SAT 1270, (680v, 590m) SATII us history 730. Ranked in top 7% of class of 650. I was a CAPT scholar (reached advanced on all four test subjects in our state test) Got Who's Who too. I'm a daughter of immigrant parents and neither have attended college (we're Chilean). I haven't taken as many APs because i switched schools in the middle of HS and the first school didn't offer algebra or spanish until hs. So, when i switch i was theoretically 2 years behind my peers who started language and math in middle school.
Taking AP psych, AP european this year...got a 4 on us history last year.
Got credit from Uconn for a summer course in their "gifted and talented" program, also getting credit for an Freshman english class there this year. I've got a semester of credit from a community college also. All my other classes this year are the hardest levels available that I can take (ex. taking spanish 4 honors and not AP because I was 2 yrs behind. I can speak the language fairly well and can carry myself in conversation, but I have to learn grammar).<br>
And here's where my question lies, I was curious, how much does the adversity issue play? During my freshman year, I had major back surgery that took me out for about a year and now i've got permanant rods in there (can't bend my back). I was homeless during that same year and living with various friends, families and one shelter... my parents divorced that year... and I switched schools that year. Finances are extremely tight... and my mom (who i live with) is almost completely deaf now. (Where should I mention this stuff in my application? should I? It definitely played a role in school achievement)
About Hobbies, I've got a collection of classic films. I watch lots of Cary Grant, Astaire, Gene kelly, stuff like that and read up on film history. I worked my way through ballroom dancing lessons my junior year because I thought it'd be fun (can't afford to continue it though..) I draw portraits and sell them sometimes and I do photography for the h.s yearbook. I'm a self-taught pianist and now I am one of the 5 elected executives in our school's new TRI-M society<a href="i'm%20official%20historian...i%20do%20publicity,%20keep%20track%20of%20our%20progress%20etc..">modern music masters - like NHS for music</a> I'm also part of NHS and do volunteer work. I help out with various church activities. I've done nursery, childrens sunday school, and now youth group.
Regarding Sports, I had quite a few restrictions after the surgery and ended up picking up girls varsity golf sophomore year. I'm ranked 3rd on our team and during my junior year we won States, regions and I received an honorable mention.<br>
Oh and since my mom is going deaf, we're taking sign language classes together at night. Oh yea, I've had the same job at a computer networking company for 3 years and during summers, I worked at the golf course (which gave me free golf along with pay).
Now, I believe that's about it. I realize my test scores should be higher but I'm hoping that I can still get into some of these schools.

<p>One more thing... when applying, if i've got a chance... How do I keep the adversity issues in there so that they know that there were reasons for not being further ahead without sounding like I want pity? I don't want to accidentally create a "give me pity and let me into your school pleeease?" kind of essay or anything like that.

<p>71% chance</p>

<p>0% as of now, you need to take the SAT2 writing, to even be considered. but other wise, your background is very unique, and it is obvious that you have had to deal with a lot through out your life, so id say pretty good chances if you are able to convey this to the admissions committee in a meaningful way.</p>

<p>I took the SAT2 Writing and Math just last weekend. I think i'll be getting a 600-something for Math and I'm hoping for a low 700 in Writing. On the PSAT, I got a 74 for writing, so I'm guessing that should be fairly accurate.</p>

<p>bump....any ideas guys?</p>


<p>You have an unusual background, but your SAT scores might hurt you a bit. Apply to your top college choices, but also check out:</p>

<p>Bowdoin (does not require SAT, and is very similar to Amherst)
Bates (no SAT requirement)
Lafayette (no SAT required, similar in size and political leaning as Williams)
Bard (no SAT score requirement, and liberal like Amherst)
Connecticut C (Again, no SAT, similar in size to Williams)</p>

<p>Again, this is just a short list to give you a mix of schools. Remember that your essays and grades need to be very good to excellent, and that you focus on an activity that you love. You have a good shot as some of the colleges, so do not be discouraged.</p>

<p>I hope this helps a bit. :)</p>

With all that you have been through, it is obvious that you have not anything deter you from aiming high...perhaps, it made you more determined and motivated to pursue the course. Good luck to you!</p>

<p>You have a good shot. Also look at Davidson and schools a little off the beaten path that really want to attract hispanics.</p>

<p>You're chances will go up if you indent your paragraphs and make them more readable...</p>

<p>Haha, of course that might help...... internet writing seems to lack everything i've ever learned in school..... oh well, thanks guys, any other opinions?</p>

<p>Don't listen to Canuck...he's too funny for his own good--thinks that a 1450+ SAT score is the only way anyone will have a chance. ;)</p>

<p>Just my 2 cents.</p>

<p>OK Blaineko, he shouldn't believe me that he has a good shot? Why are you so defensive. I'm trying to get your story, you were into Yale but went somewhere in the Northwest and now want Williams?</p>


<p>That last post was a joke. I'm not somewhere in the Northwest (I'm in Olympia), I just took a couple of years off because of an illness in the family. And, yes I got into Yale, but also was negged by UPenn, and waitlisted at Carleton when I applied from Hawaii as a high school student. And, as you know from my posts on the other topics, I'm applying to AWS and others after deciding that I like small colleges better than bigger ones. As to your other posts, you said that: people who score below 1400 (or 1450) on their SATs have NO shot at the Ivies or better LACs. Then, you do an about face and recommend Davidson?! After, telling us on another thread that the people who give advice are unrealistic?! Wow. :(</p>

<p>Which is it, if you don't mind my asking?</p>

<p>PS--this person has a good shot. And, it follows what I have said in other posts. Again, wow.</p>

<p>PPS--Canuck, just trying to get your advice to jive. You are a Canadian that did not get into Yale the first time around and got in there as a transfer. At the same time saying (on various other posts) that people who score under <1400-1450 on their SATs are URMs and stand NO chance at the Ivies or better LACs...and that ED does not help an applicant??? Amazing.</p>

<p>Sorry Cool:</p>

<p>Canuck perplexes me. :)</p>

<p>Oh and I the daughter of two Chilean immigrants, neither have gone to college.... that helps I believe?</p>

Amherst and Williams are reaches for you - apply to them, but make sure you apply to a competitive range of schools as well. I would add Skidmore to Blaineko's list as well.</p>

<p>If you guidance counselor is willing to discuss your surgery and other travails, the adcoms will see it. That leaves you free to address things like personal growth and maturity. You sound like a great person and I wish you all the best.</p>