What are my chances at Trinity

Sex: Female
Race: White
Home: New York
Private School
Grades: B+/A- range
ACT: 32
SAT II US History: 720
SAT II Lit: 740
Unweighted GPA: 3.43 (my school doesn’t have weighted GPAs, Honors, or APs)

Junior Classes: Art History, Modern World History, Shakespeare, African Lit, Advanced Statistics, Biology, and Latin

Senior Classes: European History, Global Politics, Creative Writing, Historical Lit, Macroeconomics, Latin, and Advanced Art

Scholastic Gold Key winner for Art (painting)
Scholastic Gold Key winner for Art (drawing)
Scholastic Gold Key winner for Art (drawing)

ECs: Newspaper cartoonist
Yearbook - President
Leadership Club - Vice President
Feminist Club
Varsity Track
Varsity Lacrosse - defender, not many at my school

Volunteering: Working with children with autism
Work Experience: Internship at an art gallery

Are there schools that I might have a better shot at?

You have test scores well above Trinity average, be sure to not do test optional and I think you’ll get in. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get the 1823 scholarship too, its half tuition.