What are my chances at UMKC's BA/MD program?

I just found out that only 10-15 kids get admitted into UMKC’s BA/MD program from the out-of-state pool.
What are my chances at this program? Should I apply?

Here’s my stats:

ACT: 34
Unweighted: 3.88, Weighted: 4.9 ish (took 9 AP’s so far, taking 5 this year, multiple honors classes)

Extra C’s:
Captain of Debate team, 5th in state, top 20 in nation, 3 time nat qualifier
Co-chair NHS jr yr, now the secretary
tennis 2 yr jv
dance 8 yrs (out of school)
piano 10 years (out of school)
Med club
sci fair - 1 year states
mhshs (pre Nhs) 2 yrs (service co chair)

Local hospital (over 200 hours)
peer tutoring in school
recycling in school

Med stuff:
International service trip (Global Health Initiative)
Hospital volunteering
research for one summer
multiple shadowings
1 internship