What Are My Chances at University of Arkansas (Fayetteville)?

Hello there! I aspire to attend the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. I know my resumé isn’t very impressive, but I’d really appreciate it if you would give your opinion on whether I’d get in or not, and if I have a shot of getting into their honours college. Thanks in advance!

Overall unweighted high school GPA: 3.97
ACT composite score: 31
I am rank at 4/33 in my class.

In terms of classes, I have taken AP World History, AP Human Geo, AP Calculus AB, AP Government, AP Computer Science, AP English III, AP U.S. History, AP Psychology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus BC, AP English IV, and AP Biology (12 AP classes total).

ALA Girls State - I ran for Governor and won
Quiz Bowl - 9th - 12th grade; in 9th and 10th grade, we were state runner-up champions
STEM Festival - I won 2nd place in Biology in 11th grade
National Honor Society - 10th - 12th grade
Student Council - 11th and 12th grade; I was class representative in 11th, and President in 12th
Volunteering - I’ve volunteered at hospitals during 10th - 12th grade, and acquired over 200 hours.
Science Olympiad - I’ve won three awards during 11th - 12th grade
Yearbook - 11th, 12th
National History Day - 9th, 12th; I have advanced to state competition in both years.

I am also an Arkansan resident.

With all this, would I have a good chance at the University of Arkansas? I’d love to hear any and all opinions on this. Thanks again!

Yes - “stats” are good. You would get in just on GPA and ACT.