what are my chances at university of Michigan

<p>what are my chances of getitng into:</p>

<p>University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Colgate University
Amherst Univeristy</p>

GPA (weighted) 3.92
SAT's: 1310 V-650 M- 660 (but re taking)</p>

<p>taking honors and AP classes</p>

<p>Ec: Track and Field (varsity)
national history day
all honor socities - all subjects
published national poet
forgien exchange magazine
Teacher Apprentice Program
Hospital Volunteer
Elementary Volunteer</p>

<p>Asian - Filipino and Top New york public school </p>

<p>what are my chances?</p>

<p>pretty good</p>

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<p>bump.. please reply if u have info or an opinion</p>

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<p>Well from what my friends counselor told her, she at the most has a fifty percent chance of acceptance, with a 32 act and about a 4.0 gpa...i think it really varies tho</p>

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<p>University of Michigan Ann Arbor - 40%+
Colgate University - Dont know
Amherst Univeristy - 50%+</p>

<p>hey anthony isnt 50 percent to high for amherst</p>

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<p>Have you already sent in your application to U of Michigan? If so, you have a good shot. If not, get it in immediately - because of rolling admissions, their class starts to fill up around mid-November and it can be very difficult for out of state students after that. Your GPA and SATs are low for Amherst. I'd say it's a high reach. Colgate is probably a good match for you. I'd say you probably need a few more schools that are matches and/or safeties - how about U of Wisconsin, SUNY Binghamton, possibly one of the LAC's in Pennsylvania like Gettysburg, Dickinson, Muhlenberg or Lafayette. Good luck!</p>

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<p>hey carolyn do u think if i send in my application like by november 8 i am still good or is that already to late</p>

<p>I have a 1320 (710 m, 610 v), english as 2nd language.
3.6, 4.1 weighted
lots of ec's/leadership
lots of AP's</p>

<p>i sent my app in mid oct, do i stand a chance?</p>

<p>Actually I think coastingblue has decent chances of getting in. I'm in-state and applying, so I hear a lot about UofM. Just make sure you really do get it in before Nov 8! BHR87 I think you can get in too. The SAT scores of both of you seem just a bit low, but I've heard of others worse off getting accepted. Remember they don't even look at your app until absolutely every part of it is sent in.</p>

<p>i know someone who already got in with a 1290. Although they dont look too much into the essays and EC's, i think a great/different essay can make an impact.</p>

<p>does anybody know how "full" UM is by now, as in about what % of next year class is already admitted? (with rolling admissions they could be already full, although I doubt it cause the deadline is Feb 15th i think)</p>

<p>I know people that got in early january from last year... just turn in your app asap and you'll be fine</p>