What are my Chances at UPenn ED?

<p>Here are my Stats:
New York State- good school</p>

<p>GPA: 3.68/4.0 My school does not rank but am certainly among the top 10%
SAT I -1490 (780 M; 710 V)
Math IIC - 760
Writing - 760
Biology – 710
JR. Year APs: Math AB – 3; US History -4; Biology -5
SR. Year APs: English; Physics; Spanish; Math BC
I have also taken a number of honors courses
Commended – National Merit Scholarship
Two awards/medals for excellence in academics</p>

Student Council President (12)
Class President (9;10;11)
Model UN (9; 10; 11 – Secretary; 12 – President)
Track Team (9; 10; 11; 12 – Varsity Captain)
National Honor Society (11; 12)
Internship (summer of 10 & 11)
Committee member in Amnesty, Key Club</p>

<p>Please rate my chances at U Penn (College) early decision

<p>You have a great chance. :)</p>

<p>was your curriculum the most rigorous available? if so i'd say you'd probably have a great chance. if not, youre chances are still good.</p>

<p>thanks flameball63 and chocoman. Regarding the difficulty of my course load, I'd say its one of the most rigorous but there a few people who take one or two more AP's than me. Good luck to you guys too.</p>