What are my chances at UT and other schools?

<p>Hi im a student living in the state of texas and i wanna go to UT real bad
1st choice: School of engineering
2nd- School of Natural sciences</p>

<p>or some of these</p>

Georgia Tech.
Drake </p>

<p>can anyone please tell me what my chances of getting in are</p>


<p>Sat scores
1st try: Math-760 Verbal-590
2nd try: Math-720 Verbal-660</p>

<p>G.p.a.-3.9 out of a 4 point scale </p>

<p>Included in the National Honor Society, French National Honor Society</p>

<p>Officer of Ping-pong club, and Chess Club (president)</p>

<p>i really wanna know where i stand</p>