What are my chances at Yale?

Hi all! So, I was wondering if it would be possible for anyone to chance me for Yale? Thanks so much in advance!

-White Female
-Probably going to major in Political Science or something similar
-I’m a secondary legacy, however I don’t know if it counts because my Aunt attended the medical school BUT she is a large donor but I don’t know if this helps since she’s not my parent.
-From Appalachia

-GPA: 3.92/4.6 (which I know is low for Yale, but after freshman year I got straight A’s in challenging course work)
-Only six non-honors classes throughout my High School
-16 AP exams, 10 AP classes. I self-studied AP micro, AP macro, AP comparative government, AP environmental science, AP Calc AB and BC (I was supposed to be in Algebra 2 as a freshman, but because I changed schools 5 times in middle school, I had to take the lowest math path).
-SAT: 1580 (800 R/W, 780 M)
-SAT Subject Tests APUSH (780), LIT (770)

Essays: Should be pretty good, maybe a 8/10?
Recommendation Letters: Should be really good. I’m going to have one from my speech/theater teacher (who I will have had for 10/32 class periods when I graduate) and one from my AP Lang teacher who was my Honors Program advisor since freshman year.


Speech and Debate (I do Congressional Debate, Extemp, Duo, DI, and Impromptu. I have won 5 state championships and I am a Speech captain.)

Theater (I take the class every year and have won two Thespian State Championships. I’m also President of Thespians and participate in every single show.)

Junior State of America Chapter (Founded it my sophomore year and I am the President.)

Young America’s Foundation (I helped found it sophomore year and I am the secretary of my chapter.)

MUN (Joined freshman year. I’m the Vice President and I’ve won best delegate at two conventions)

I won two political science state-wide awards.

I interned with my senator for two summers.

I campaigned with multiple political campaigns.

Do I have a chance of getting in?

Yes definitely, your application is very impressive both academically with your high grades and with your impressive debate extracurriculars. The one issue is that Yale is extremely selective and even the most qualified applicants get rejected. If you can get a letter or anything from the Senator that would be even more impressive, but even without that it is definitely worth an application.

Yes! your application is best for both academically and extracurriculars. Best of luck.