What are my Chances Bucknell?

Hi all,
I’ve been looking at recent posts on the ‘what are my chances?’ feed, and I was hoping people had some feedback for me as well.
I am EDing to Bucknell as a senior this year and I wanted to see what people thought my chances would be on getting in. I have a 3.9 GPA and sadly an ACT score of 26 after retaking it 5 times. I am in a small global studies magnet school in which I take Japanese. I am also in the full International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. I am a 2 sport varsity captain, both of which I’ve been on Varsity for all 4 years. For my ECs I am a firefighter at my local fire department, I participate in the Civics Association in my town, I volunteer with a technology donation program, I participate in Unified Sports, and play on 2 club teams for both lacrosse and field hockey year round.
Anyone with any knowledge of the school open to giving me feedback on my chances of getting in?

My sons school uses Naviance which shows a student their chances of getting into a school. Bucknell showed as a reach for him and Villanova his chances were pretty good. Well he was waitlisted at Villanova and accepted to Bucknell. He had a 3.7 uw and 32 ACT super scored. He had a nice number of EC’s, volunteer hours and many AP and honor classes. There are so many factors to consider. I would say make sure you have an impressive essay and show your interest. Good luck!