What are my chances? Cal State Long Beach

Looking to transfer to CSULB for Spring 2022 semester with junior standing. Advisor doesn’t seem so confident as
“spring is more competitive”. Needless to say, I’m stressed TF out. I have had a consistent upward trend- Fall 2019 GPA was 1.6

US Citizen
Orange County, California resident
High School: Huntington Beach High School (local)
Current College: Orange Coast College

Business (for schools not offering Economics)

High School GPA: 2.2 (maybe? it was 8 years ago)
College GPA: 2.78 before AA-T bump. (potential to raise to 2.86 with AR if I can get it completed before my degree application is processed)
Class Rank: N/A

Major Prep: Completed
CSU Gen Ed: Completed
AA-T: Completed (summer graduate)
Golden Four: A, A, C, C

N/A feels bad

College: N/A - Worked 50+ hours a week during my time at OCC.

High School:
Internship at Music Studio
Virtual Enterprise R.O.P
Web Development R.O.P

I would really like to attend Long Beach. I have to stay close to home for personal/family-related reasons.

Will apply to:
CSU Long Beach
CSU San Bernadino
CSU Channel Islands
CSU Dominguez Hills (for Business - taking one summer course to fulfill all requirements for this major)

CSU Fullerton (advisor mentioned Fullerton is requiring a 3.0 for local transfers. No mention of this on their website that I could find)

I have looked into all of the average GPAs for transfers that I could get my hands on.
Long Beach Spring 2020 average transfer GPA was 3.03 with a 0.42 deviation.

Any help is appreciated. thanks!

This link shows GPA admit averages for Economics transfer students 2020 at an average of 3.28 from a CA CC. I would say it will not be an easy admit but you are also applying widely so you should have options. Best of luck.


This link is from 2019 and it shows the average CSU Transfer admit GPA for each campus. CSUF was 3.32.

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You have a good list. Since CI and DH aren’t impacted you should get in to both.

LB probably not and the others could go either way.

good luck

Okay, so the GPA isn’t the greatest, but it is going up.
Plus, you are “local”. You get brownie points for that.

All you can do is apply. Be positive and see what happens.

DH is my second choice in terms of distance from me.
A friend who just graduated from LB got in with 2.4??

We will see what happens! thanks

Appreciate it!