What are my chances-Class of 2024

What chance do I have for Comp Sci at GT

Out of State
Subjects- Math 2-800; Biology M- 770

10 AP’s by end of high school
6 taken so far 5’s on all

CS and math extracurriculars and classes throughout
HOSA Vice President, Varsity Basketball, Competitive Programming, Tutoring, Etc

While it looks good on the surface, we need some more information. Your test scores are very good, but what is your unweighted GPA normalized to a 4 pt scale? What STEM classes have you taken and what level of math have you achieved? GT places gpa and class rigor above test scores. Also any community service?

Your AP and ACT and SAT II scores are very good, obviously.SAT at 1540 is average. Hard to tell what the GPA is on a traditional scale. The class rank is a little on the low side for out-of- state acceptance at Georgia Tech for either CS or engineering. Do you have any leadership positions in your ECs? What kind of community service have you done? How strong are your essays and rec letters? Any research or significant summer programs? Even if you have tops in all those things, so do many other top applicants, and some with even higher stats have been rejected OOS at GT. As with any other top tier program, there is no guarantee, but best of luck to you.

@WhrlingColleges @racereer
GPA is only a 3.9/4
For math, I took Calc BC as a junior and got a 5.
I took honors and AP Comp Sci and got a 5.
For Competitive Programming and got 3rd place at region.
Was part of UIL Math Team at school
DECA International Qualifier
Tutored kids after school in Comp Sci
HOSA Vice President
Youth group Coordinator at local shelter
Essays and recs are pretty good
What would be a good amount of Community Service?

Your GPA should be fine. Hard to say what a “good” amount community service is, as long as you show dedication to the community you should be good. It sounds like you are a solid candidate and should get strong consideration, but as WhirlingColleges said there are no guarantees. One thing though, GT claims they do not consider class rank for admissions. Are you taking any math your sr. year?

@racereer At my school the only math offered that I haven’t taken is AP Statistics, so I’m taking statistics.

@AffluentCar gotch ya. If there isn’t anything else to take, the AP Stats shouldn’t hurt you. I do know that GT doesn’t give any credit for AP Stat no matter what the score. Some kids will try and take MV Calculus at a CC or local college but that is not a requirement. My S19 finished through DiffEQ, but he was at a special STEM school that offered it dual enrolled.